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Bamboo Duvet

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100% Bamboo Duvet

Our Bamboo Duvets come in a choice of 4.5 tog Bamboo Duvet – summer weight and 9 tog bamboo duvet for spring/autumn weight – or combine 2 duvets with integral loops for the winter to make a 13.5 tog bamboo duvet . In many homes the 9 tog Bamboo duvet is suitable for year round use.

Bamboo Duvets are good for allergies

The naturally breathable Bamboo fibre in the Bamboo Duvet balances your own body heat and the bedroom temperature to make the perfects night sleep. The structure of the Bamboo wicks away moisture from your body keeping you at a comfortable body temperature.

The review we normally receive about the weight of our duvets are normally described as light but comfortably warm. 

Designed and manufactured in the UK.